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The CEO Behind "Share a Coke With a Friend" & "Rhonda & Ketut"

with Andrew Baxter

"Whatever your interest areas are, stick to them and don't think you have to give them up for work".

On Todays podcast we were fortunate enough to chat with Andrew Baxter, one of Australia’s most brilliant and successful marketers, responsible for campaigns such as the infamous Rhonda and Katut commercials and the globally adopted Share a Coke campaign. Andrew speaks with us about legendary marketing campaigns, the changes in the industry, what it’s like being CEO of one of the largest advertisement agencies in the country and some important advice, both professionally and personally for young men in Australia today.

Andrews Accomplishments:

  • Becoming CEO of one of the countries largest advertisement agencies
  • Working on campaigns such as Share a Coke With a Friend & Rhonda and Ketut
  • Sits on the board of multiple businesses
  • Is a representative for the marketing industry to the University of Sydney and educates the university on what the students should be learning.
  • Founder of the 24 Hour Business Plan