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What is a Wise Guy?

A Wise Guy is a man who knows he’s not perfect but strives to be better every day. He learns from his mistakes, makes up for his shortcomings where he can, and is open about his struggles while helping others with theirs.

A Wise Guy seeks inspiration and guidance from great individuals of the past and present, surrounding himself with like-minded people who value physical/mental health and are ambitious for success.

Above all, a Wise Guy prioritises relationships with his family, friends, and the partner in his life. Leading the way, he serves as a model of self-control while always doing more for himself and those around him.

What Young Men Face Today

Unlike any era in history, we have access to unlimited information that continuously produces negativity, unrealistic standards, or harmful content every day.

At Wise Guys, we do things different. We are made for young men, by young men, providing informative and constructive content that gives them the tools they need for their relationships, career, and health.

As a result, they will no longer be abandoned in this fast-moving world, but will thrive and build a great future for themselves, becoming the best they can be and supporting others along the way.

The Pillars


Researched information on our 3 pillars: Career, Relationships & Health.


A community of young men driven in improving themselves and society.


Access to the most relevant advice and lessons from impressive individuals, role models and experts.

Our Vision



We want to create a publication that focuses purely on the most important aspects of a young man’s life.

We don’t show people what they want, we teach them how to get it.

Mobile App


To develop a mobile app that not only allows you to consume content but connect with your community, reach out for guidance and much more.

Community Benefits


  • Discounts with partnered brands.
  • Events (Social & Educational).
  • Educational resources.
  • Bar tab drops.
  • and more….