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After 30 episodes of Wise Guys, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to meet and talk about all aspects of life with some of Australia’s brightest minds and most inspiring figures. The criteria for selection of these guests have been one or a mix of the following:

  1. They are undeniably successful or an expert in their chosen field
  2. They can impart wisdom onto us (and our listeners)
  3. They do good in this world and help others

What has made talking to these individuals so special is the fact that we not only hear first-hand their words of wisdom and advice, but also get to identify and compare their stories, traits, tips and tricks with other guests we’ve had on the show.

What may or may not surprise you is that there’s a lot of commonalities between all of these guests and this article highlights 5 of them that we believe lay the foundations for a happy life.

Exercise Discipline

Perhaps the most obvious and predictable of the common traits but it is nonetheless true. All of our guests, many of whom are entrepreneurs, exercise incredible discipline in their lives on a daily basis. Many wake up before 5am. Most exercise regularly. All of them understand the difference between discipline and motivation and are their own harshest critic. They are completely accountable and consistent on hitting their daily goals and targets, and they know what needs to be hit in order to be successful.

Follow Your Passion/Purpose

Another common topic is the importance of finding your passion in life and scratching that itch in some way or another. Now, we understand that turning your passion into your career can be a little bit difficult/unfeasible at times but there is something inherently valuable in filling each day with a bit of joy. Sociologist Tracy Bower PhD puts it brilliantly in her Forbes article.

Finding your passion doesn’t have to be hard. Just pay attention to what interests and energizes you. In addition, you don’t necessarily have to have a grand plan or a roadmap for your entire life. Just make the day-to-day and month-to-month choices which align with what you enjoy and what you do well.

 How you spend your moments, is how you spend your life—so spend time on what you like, what you do well and activities which contribute to your community. These will add up to a life which brings you fulfillment and adds to others’ fulfilment as well.

We also discussed this topic in more depth in episode #22 ‘Life Lessons from a Psychologist’. 35:55 is the timestamp for our specific conversation about purpose.

Connection to Family

Everyone we have spoken to so far has referenced some sort of deep love and appreciation for their family. Whether it be their parents or guardians, or their own partners and children, it is clear to us that a loving and tight-knit family unit does wonders for the human spirit. Having that support network that will always be there for you no matter what, is something we often take for granted. When shit hits the fan, and you slip up (which you inevitably will along the way) take comfort in the fact that your family will always be there to catch you and help you get back on the path.

Belief in Karma

Karma is real. And if you don’t believe in that fact, it’s a good idea to at least pretend it is because whatever energy you put into this world, is what you will receive back from it! It’s not hard to be a decent person. Practicing honesty, politeness, and kindness is within the reach of all of us, and it doesn’t cost a thing. It makes the space around us a lot more pleasant for those within it. People can sniff out whether someone is a genuinely good person or not very quickly, and in business, friendships, love and life in general. Be somebody you’d want your future children to be friends with and you’ll find good things will start to happen to you, and good people will begin to pop up in your life!


Love what you do, love yourself and tell those that you love, that you love them! It sounds very corny and is a word that men in particular tend to stray from using all too often but love is a very powerful thing and the more you have of it in your life, the happier you’ll be. Most importantly though is loving yourself. Every part of yourself. Especially the flaws as that’s what makes you unique! It’s hard to do, but replacing self-criticism with self-love can completely change your life in so many ways. If you’ve made it this far into the article, you clearly are on the right track so well done.

To sum this one up, I’ll just remind everyone we aren’t experts in anything. We’re just young guys trying to learn from people a little further down the road than us, and these are just a few of the things we’ve picked up so far.

Discipline, Purpose, Family, Karma, Love.