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What Working With Over 300 Startups Teaches You

with Steve Grace, The Nudge Group & Give it a Nudge Podcast

"You don't necessarily have to work on your weaknesses, work on your strengths and make them stronger"

In this episode we spoke to Steve Grace, a serial entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in recruitment and start-ups. Steve works daily with businesses all over the country with his current venture, The Nudge Group, whose main mission is to help start-ups get off the ground and make the world a better place. In this episode we discussed the current start-up environment, characteristics of a successful businessman, current issues surrounding young men in this generation and much more…

Steve’s Achievements:

  • Having ran over 5 different businesses and now the CEO & Founder of the Nudge Group.
  • Having worked with and advised over 300 startups.
  • Founder and host of the “Give it a Nudge” Podcast.
  • Is a mentor at a global startup accelerator program.