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#19 - Roger Fabri: Speed Coach To Australia's Star Athletes

with Roger Fabri

"Life is a learning experience.. Are you learning a lesson? Or are you just gonna pay a punishment and do the same shit again? Then you become a fool"

On this episode we spoke with renowned speed coach Roger Fabri. As the highest rated speed coach in the country, Roger has worked with some of the biggest names in the NRL, NFL and Athletics. Although his achievements as a coach speak volumes, Roger’s ecstatic personality and refusal to be anyone but himself are what really cuts through in this episode as we discuss mental health, Roger’s past, and some hilarious stories that had us in stitches.

A bit about Roger:

Clients: David Warner, Anthony Minichello, Sonny Bill Williams, Jason Saab, Bronson Xerri and more. 

Fashion: Drippy af

Favourite Past Times: Sprinting, Running His Mouth, Gambling, Getting Nude

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