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#31 - Noble Brothers: 'I Fight You Fight'

with Alex & Zac Noble

"I Fight You Fight"

On this episode Sam and I speak with two brothers Alex and Zac Noble.

Alex at the age of 16 became a quadriplegic after being tackled during rugby training while representing his state.

Since then Alex has continued to inspire those around him through his positive mindset, incredible work ethic and his ambition to leave a mark in this world that will out live himself. 

As a quadriplegic Alex is currently writing a book, finishing his uni degree, works in finance, starting up his own boat chartering business and does motivational talks.

Truly the wisest 21 year old we have ever met and the definition of what we consider a Wise Guy. 

Alex and Zac both went to the same high school as Sam and I, and both brothers are succeeding and excelling despite the obstacles life have thrown their way.

We hope you enjoy this powerful story.

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