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Building Two Multi-Million Dollar Businesses Before 30

Mark Di Noia

"One of the biggest decisions you need to make is who you want to partner with in your life"

On today’s podcast we spoke with Mark Di Noia, who’s a serial entrepreneur and now business coach. Mark started his business journey at 21, owning and operating petrol stations in Mt. Druitt, turning over $20 million a year, then at 27 started a construction business that became one of Australia’s fastest growing companies. What we found most fascinating during this chat, wasn’t Mark’s professional escapades, but rather the relationship he has with his wife, his family and his attitudes to being the best well rounded man possible outside of the business world.

Mark’s Achievements:

  • Growing multiple million-dollar businesses.
  • At 21 owning & operating a petrol station with annual revenues of $20 million.
  • At 27 he owned a construction business with 70 staff and annual revenues of $65 million a year and winning awards for being one of Australia’s fastest growing companies.
  • Now with his incredible business experience he dedicates his life helping other business owners achieve their dreams.
  • Family man.