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#24 - From Heroin Baby To Inmate To Millionaire

with Bradley Gimbert

"What's possible for you is 95% determined by what you believe to be true... it's the ceiling that you put on yourself".

On this episode we sat down with Brad Gimbert, a 27 year old indigenous Australian who’s inspiring story has been doing it’s rounds lately, with some of the biggest podcasts in the country booking him on.

Before all this recent success Brad was born as a heroin baby who still has never met either of his biological parents, he was adopted at a very young age, living in housing commissions in his late teens and struggling to stay out of trouble. Brad also became a prodigy boxer and was always smart gifted kid, but as his life was finally turning around he got sent to prison for beating a pedophile into a coma who was sneaking into his nieces bedroom window.

Brad is now running a successful business called Indigenous Wealth, which is a fully run indigenous organisation that aims to create 100 indigenous millionaires by 2025 and he’s got much bigger plans for the future.

This conversation was pretty mind blowing hearing how much this guy had to overcome but we couldn’t recommend it more.

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