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#6 Bouncing Back From Rockbottom At 27

with Matt Browne

"The reality is, you've got to get out there and break a few eggs to build anything of meaning"

On this episode we spoke with Matt Browne, who has invested and mentored hundreds of start-ups and businesses throughout his career. After moving to a country town with his then girlfriend and baby at 21, Matt embarked on many twists and turns as a young man that led him to the man he is today. Matt’s first successful business Donesafe got acquired after having over 1.5 million paying users on it which propelled him on a journey of entrepreneurship and venture capitalism. Matt gave us great advice as young people looking to start a business, shared incredible life stories and lessons, spoke about the importance of family and shared his views on the world and where it is headed. One of the best chats we have had.


Matt’s Accomplishments:

  • Founded and then sold his first business that had over 1.5 million paying users on it within 7 years.
  • Was one of the first Australian entrepreneurs to attend Y Combinator which is the best start-up accelerator in the world.
  • ¬†Personally mentored hundreds of start-ups and is invested into just as many businesses.
  • Managing Partner of Black Nova Venture Capital & Co-Founder of Whispli.