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#23 - Be Uncommon

with Courtney Joyce

"Be Uncommon Amongst Uncommon People"

On this episode we spoke with one of the most inspirational and disciplined individuals we have ever come across… Courtney Joyce.

4 years ago Courtney was living in a small mining town working in a mine 6 days a week and felt as if he was the same as everyone else. Fast-track 4 years Courtney has started and sold a business that had over 50 staff, he now founded a new business and owns multiple gyms, he is 2 years sober, he ran 200 half marathons in 200 days and is a true testament of how you can turn your life around.

He had so much great advice and guidance for young people trying to be better and he knows first hand on how to get there.

One of our favourite episodes we have done so we hope you enjoy.

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