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#1 How A Skinny 16y/o Founded Australia's Most Exclusive Gym

with Lachlan Rowston, Founder of Lockeroom & Mind Muscle Project Podcast

"Good health is the foundation of a great life. Once you realise that, success will follow"

In this episode we spoke with Lachy Rowston, to talk about all aspects of health, including how to balance your social life with fitness training, why young men should confront their insecurities, how to find your niche and succeed, understanding the misconceptions in the fitness industry, knowing why sleep is the central pillar of your health, and more.

Lachy’s Credentials:

  • Started his First Gym at 21 Years Old.
  • Host of Popular Health/Fitness Podcast Mind Muscle Project.
  • Founded One of Australia’s Most Premium & Exclusive Charging Members up to $25,000 a year.
  • A Very Inspirational Young Entrepreneur Who is An Expert In His Field.
  • Greying Hair.

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