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The term “live beyond your edge” (or lean beyond your edge) in essence just means to challenge yourself.

Personal development thrives beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone; it doesn’t hang around in the middle. It’s essential to keep your curiosity alive and be willing to experiment with new experiences, all without letting the fear of failing hold you back. Why? Because that fear can really put a damper on your creative juices.

Even when things don’t go as planned, guess what? You’re still gaining insights and valuable life lessons. Embrace those thought-out risks, give novel things a shot, and acquire fresh skills—this is the ultimate recipe for genuine growth.

The obvious application for a mantra like this would be physically. Push yourself a little bit harder in the gym or on a run. Get up a little earlier to train etc. However, the pursuit of ‘beyond the edge’ should be present across all facets of your life not just this obvious one.

It could be trying out a new skill to broaden your horizons. It could be mustering up the courage to talk to a girl on a night out. It could be simply allowing yourself time to practice gratitude and reflect every day. It could be trying to cook new things rather than your usual spag bowl.

When we see videos and other content about pushing ourselves to be better, our mind tends to go the extreme of this ideology. Take this as a reminder to push yourself in other ways. It all helps.